The Dean’s office serves over 800 students. Its main objective is to support and care for all of the academic needs and the well-being of the students during their academic years. Furthermore, it furthers both social and economic support in order to enhance the students’ experiences at the college and encourage them to achieve academic excellence and full social involvement and responsibility.
The office of development and assessment is in charge of developing and reinforcing the academic, administrative policies and staff at the college. Moreover, it focuses on the social and educational research in different fields, addressing cognitive, social, behavioral, emotional and psychological aspects. It provides feedback on the educational and teaching process in a wide scale to enhance the efficiency and productivity at the college. 

 Al- Qasemi education and culture center supports a wide and rich variety of cultural, educational, and professional programs. Its public engagement activities span a wide variety of themes, including youth leadership, personal and interpersonal skills, arts and culture, science and technology, sports and more. There are also programs to engage with gifted children throughout a number of specially designed programs.

The efforts of the center contribute to goals such as enhancing educational opportunities and skills, promote society values and respect for diversity, and enhance the cooperation and partnership of the college with the community.  Many of these programs are focused on children at kindergarten, schoolchildren and teenagers.

The ICT center is responsible for managing, implementing and operating the information systems and electronic services that are required to support the academic and administrative work processes.

 It is also responsible for developing online services and databases in addition to communication technologies for the administrative and academic domains at the collage.

 It provides both staff and students with technological services in order to enhance the learning experience and accessing resources and to facilitate extensive communicative techniques inside and outside the college. These services involve infrastructure project management, management of technological pedagogical and administrative environments, development of programming projects and managing the college’s website.

Public and the international relations office aims to promote the status of the college locally and internationally, as well as to establish local and international partnerships and conducting academic programs, activities and study days.

This office engages in following up with community relations with the college, organizing national and international conferences, seminars, planning graduation and academic ceremonies. Moreover, it is responsible for the media coverage and preparing press-releases and keynote speeches in addition to campus visits and tours.

The main objective of the international office is to discuss and draft international corporations and agreements, develop and maintain a network of international parties or contacts, and students exchange.

The College cafeteria is the place that brings together students, lecturers and staff, for healthy and tasty meals every day. They provide rich and diverse menu and snacks.

Sanitation and hygiene are taken very seriously by the staff and all the required standards are maintained. 

Advanced Laboratories for each major at the college. Which is developed annually with a vision to deliver best results and qualify our students.

We have specialized laboratories in the field of Construction material testing, environmental, Chemical and Microbiological labs. In addition to a specially equipped lab for optics and more. All with high efficiency, accuracy and precision.

A specialized unit with distinguished staff that plan and organize special programs, conferences , courses ,seminars for students of all majors to prepare them and make sure they integrate with the industrial labor.

It is also responsible for establishing partnerships and working agreements with different parties such as companies, factories, workshops, gyms and more. So, they can allow our students to work for them.